What is the difference between yogurt and kefir

Kefir contains around thirty strains of beneficial yeasts and bacteria. To make kefir, obtain some kefir grains and place them in milk. They look like gelatinous globs which resemble cauliflower.

Yogurt has some bacteria and yeast, but not nearly as much.

Here’s the best site I’ve found about kefir, it’s qualities, how to make kefir, and everything else you want to know.


I went to ebay to get my grains. I bought them from this seller

I received them within days in excellent condition. You can also check out various websites online. I had no idea ebay listed such items and I was glad I checked it out!

As for the above poster, don’t trust anything on kefir.net or BodyEcology. It’s a site that sells kefir powder which you add to milk. Their product isn’t true kefir. BodyEcology sells a product which consists of some of the strains of yeasts and bacteria which kefir contains, however it’s not a living “grain”.

Kefir grains are a symbiotic relationship between yeasts and bacteria. They help each other out and produce the jelly-like mass which is a kefir grain.

BodyEcology “kefir” doesn’t produce this kefir mass. It’s not true kefir. Kefir grains will last you the rest of your life, provided you give them milk. The powder that BodyEcology sells dies off after a while.

Also about the http://www.yourkefirsource.com link, don’t trust it either. You are taken to a guy from Germany who sells kefir grains. I bought some from him. They were alive, or rather “it” was alive…. What I received in the mail was an envelope with a small plastic ziplock baggy inside. Within the bag was a FLATTENED piece of kefir culture. Sure, it produced kefir, however it was flat and I only got a total of about a quarter-sized amount!

I’m not trying to push you to buy them from the ebay seller, however I received WHOLE kefir grains from them. They put them in a double plastic baggie inside a foil package inside a box. I put that packet into milk and it produced kefir within 12 hours, I didn’t have to wait 24. They really give you a generous amount.

Michael-Paul Patterson does send you kefir, but only a fraction of what you’d get from other sellers (plus they don’t smoosh it!)

I hate to digress……
Also on Michael Patterson’s site, I saw a video of some “liver/kidney” cleanse in which you drink a half cup of olive oil and lemon juice and then lay down and go to sleep. It’s supposed to “cleanse” your kidneys and stuff. The video showed stuff floating in the toilet bowl. They were supposed to be kidney stones, but they weren’t. According to numerous online sites, those “kidney stones” were soap stones. The acids in your stomach, combined with the fats in the oil and the acidity of the lemon juice actually created soap! Those weren’t stones like he said they were, he is misleading people!

Anyway, enough digressing, buy your grains from someone else, they’ll be healthier and happier!

article source:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090822174539AAFR8KD

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